Tips to find apartments in Hanoi for the best budget

Nov 28,2018
Nowadays, there are lots of foreigners are living and working in Hanoi. Therefore, the market of serviced apartments for rent in Hanoi also increases. Especially, To Ngoc Van, Dang Thai Mai, Xuan Dieu, Quang Khanh, Quang An, Xom Chua, and Nghi Tam Villages have many houses, Serviced apartments, and villa for rent in Tay Ho with several convenient services that meet the European community’s demand. We also mention such streets as Kim Ma, Kim Ma Thuong, Dao Tan, Linh Lang, Pham Huy Thong, and Ngoc Khanh Street as the best choices for the Japanese and Korean community. However, to find serviced apartment for rent in Ba Dinh or house for rent in Tay Ho, what should you do to save the time and money while searching for the most suitable house for you?
Established in 2010, with over 08 years experience in the field of investment as well as a for-rent estate agency in Hanoi, we offer 4 tips which will help you find a Hanoi serviced apartments for rent or a villa for rent in Tay Ho without spending too much time and find the right place that you can call HOME as well.
Tip 1: Choosing a location.
Defining location is always a hard choice for foreigners who have come to Hanoi for the first time. I’m now going to share my friend’s story with you confidentially. 
My friend is an American and he came to Vietnam in 2014. After a week going on vacation in Hanoi, he decided to spend more time living here. His first plan was to seek a job. Luckily, he found a job as an English teacher in a center near Royal City-Thanh Xuan, Hanoi. My friend’s second plan was to find an apartment for rent next to the English Center where he worked and he actually found a suitable apartment which took him only 5 minutes walking to the workplace. He got into trouble from that one. I still remember the first time we met, I was a broker and he was a tenant who was looking for an apartment for rent in Tay Ho or Truc Bach area. He complained that his current accommodation was not convenient for foreigners, poor in facilities and lacked foreigner communities. After that, he decided to move to Tay Ho and accepted the fact that he had to spend 40 minutes going to work by motorbike every day. After 04 years living and working in Hanoi, he loved Hanoi more and now he is teaching English in 3 different centers.
Through my friend’s story, you can see that finally, he can choose an apartment in Tay Ho where there are many communities and conveniences for foreigners and so do you. You have to make 2 choices. One is living near your workplace, another is living in a location that there are communities and conveniences but it takes you 40 minutes to get to work daily like my friend.
Tip 2: Defining your budget.
Almost everyone assumes that your rent bill every month doesn’t exceed 30% your income, for examples, if your income is $3000 each month and you want to rent a detached apartment with 01 or 02 bedrooms, you just need to spend about $600-$1000 for rent an apartment in Tay Ho. To save more expense, you can find a house with 04 bedrooms and invite your friends to live together. If so, you just have to pay about $300 a month including convenience bills such as electricity, water, and internet.
Tip 3: Find your best home at lower rental costs.
There are several things to help you in finding an apartment for rent in Hanoi at lower monthly rent:
  • Choosing to live in an urban area out of Hanoi center may be a good choice to save expense paid for rental houses in Tay Ho. Just consider some apartments for rent in Time City Park Hill, apartments for rent in Mipec Riverside Long Bien, apartments for rent in Diplomatic Corps Area and apartment for rent in Ciputra. You should also choose the location within convenient distance to go to work and to take your children to school. Consider all transport expense and select an urban area not too far from Hanoi center provided that it just takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach the center. Convenient public transportations such as buses are also a good choice or you can ride your motorbike.  If you are worried about the traffic jam in Hanoi, you can order Uber or Grab.
  • However, if your priority is living in Hanoi city center and you are still single or a pair, you can rent an apartment or a house with 04 to 05 bedrooms, then find some roommates to share the bills. This is an interesting way to decrease remarkably financial pressure of renting a house but you should be careful with this approach because not all roommates are nice. Be sure that your landlord agrees with this approach before making a house-renting contract. 
  • Negotiate with the landlord: only in case, you want to find a special apartment in a famous area with few numbers of houses for rent. In other cases, a lot of landlords are ready to negotiate and decline the rental expense depending on your payment conditions such as 3-months prepayment, 6-months prepayment or 1-year prepayment, VAT tax, short-term or long-term contract.  Before negotiating with the landlord, make sure that there is a reasonable rate compared to other apartments in the same area with similar conveniences and facilities to get the best deal.
  • Star home search: to save time and money for seeking an apartment for rent in Hanoi, you had better contact restate agencies (remember that in Hanoi, you do not need to pay agencies, the landlord will pay them if the rental contract is signed). There are a lot of restating agencies in Hanoi who focus especially on foreigners and of course, they speak English fluently. You just need to search on the internet then you are free to work with many different agencies and landlords can work with them, too. It means any agency can work with a house and maybe they can show you the house that you saw before. Found in 2010, company Alphabet Housing especially aims at foreigners and helps them find houses in Hanoi. We undertake to seek exactly for what you are seeking that is suitable for your budget by sending a list of appropriate restates to you so that you can watch online before a free housing tour. In Hanoi, house renters have to inform to the landlord 30 days in advance if they want to make an end to the rental contract. Therefore, you should begin to find a house for rent 30 days in advance in order to have more time to go to see other houses for rent or to make the right decision. However, beautiful low-priced rental houses can be rented so quickly, so you need to decide as soon as possible, then prepay deposit so that the landlord can keep houses for you.
  • Rental price: to avoid seeing some apartments whose prices exceed your budget or it is impossible for the landlord to decline money that suits your condition, or when you may overspend, or when you don’t have enough money to rent your favorite apartment. Let send your requests to restate agencies so that they can find an apartment for rent in Hanoi within your budget.
  • Transportations: check all apartments for rent in Tay Ho or houses for rent in Hanoi which are potentially near public transports. An apartment for rent in Hanoi can be well-paid in a big street, but if you have to spend most of your time walking or going by taxi, it doesn’t seem so appealing. Choosing a conveniently-located apartment can make your life much easier. It will be better if you can find an apartment which is near your workplace, shopping centers, transportations and conveniences like laundry.
  • Safety: not only should an apartment be in a secure street but landlords need to ensure that their renters feel safe insight the houses. Such equipment as 24/7 security guards, password locks, fingerprint cards will make you feel more comfortable to rent the house.
Tip 4: Deposit and pay rental houses
Some landlords require a 2-to-3-months deposit but you just should accept 1-month deposit and 3-months prepayment.
Tip 1: Check everything before signing a rental-house contract.
Make sure that you are already satisfied with the apartment, landlord, and location before signing the rental-house contract.
You should check everything to ensure your satisfaction with the apartment, landlord, and location before signing the rental-house contract. You should carry out the last step before signing the contract because in the past the renters might cause some damages to facilities or furniture. You have to guarantee that you will not have to take responsibility for any problem in the apartment which isn’t caused by you.
You should check the following things:
  • Turn on all lights, try all pipes in the whole apartment to make sure all things work well.
  • Check whether there are insects or rodents in the house, especially in the kitchen as this is considered the ideal condition for them to grow.
  • Check that if fire alarms and fire extinguishers are well-equipped.
  • Check all doorways and locks in all rooms, windows and main doors.
  • Check that whether floors and walls are damaged, for examples floor carpets, floorboards, interiors should be checked carefully.
  • Finally, take all photos of the apartment’s problems then send to your landlord and you should store them on a computer as well. These will be effective evidence proving that all the above problems are not your fault when finishing the contract.
Tip 2: Read carefully and sign the rental contract
  • In general, the agency company will send you a contract editor so that you can check before signing. The rental contract changes depending on time portal and contract deals agreed by you and the landlord.
  • For a 03-or-06-months short-term contract: in case you live and work in Hanoi for 1 year, this isn’t a good approach. For a short-term contract, you always have to extend contract continuously after ending the contract. You will face the fact that the landlord will not allow you to rent anymore or they will increase rental prices. If you choose this approach, make sure that you only live in Hanoi for a short time.
  • For a 01-to-02-year long-term contract, this is an ideal approach if you live and work in Hanoi for a long time, you will not face that the landlord cancels the contract or increase rental prices because the period of the contract is long.

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