10 negotiation arts to renting an apartment in Tay Ho Hanoi

Dec 15,2018

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, even you’ve been living in Hanoi for many years, you still encounter a lot of troubles in negotiating and having an agreement of the rental price with landlords when you find an apartment for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi. You should never think in a simple way that you have a demand for finding an apartment to rent, the ones who have a demand for rent will accept your requests or give you a reasonable price. Especially, a lot of landlords have to think twice then agree to have their apartments rented. Therefore, many rich people want to rent in vain as they lack negotiation arts. Following Alphabet Housing, we will help you gain negotiation arts and apply them to renting an apartment or a house in Hanoi. 

First, you should know that negotiation is a discussing process between you and the landlords in order that you can rent a beautiful apartment or a house with a radical price. To get that, you need to apply 10 following methods:

1 - Creating a trust for landlords.

Trust is the first thing to remember when you find an apartment for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi. Don’t think money can buy everything because the apartment you rent is the landlords’ precious treasure. Of course, when negotiating with you, if they don’t feel that you can take care of their treasure, they still don’t agree to have their apartment rented. Hence, if you want to rent a house, dress smartly and politely, say softly and if can, go with your family members to make sure that you can create the landlord's pleasure so that they will allow you to rent it. 

2 - Let the other side say fisrt.

You may hear people say: never give your request first, let the other say first. It is an amazing advice, but you know why can this advice support you in the negotiation process? There are 2 main reasons:

  • First and foremost, it helps you determine average price. Lots of inexperienced negotiators often break the difference in the negotiation. For examples, you found an apartment for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi, and the landlord offered US$ 1000 per month. You started at US$ 800 and the result often came to an end with US$ 900 (the average price). People do not want to give less or more than what they can take, so they tend to incline or decline the requests equivalently with the others. However, if you let the other say first, you can evaluate the average price in the negotiation. In that example, if the landlord offers in advance $1000, it is easier for the renter to give that $700 per month. So it will decrease the average of the negotiation at $850 per month. On the contrary, if the renter starts negotiating with an offer $900, the landlord can increase the price such as $950. This, consequently, is $50 higher than the average. As you can see, the one who says first can have more inconveniences because the other can determine the average price.
  • Next, it may be that the other’s request is better than yours. For examples, you want to hire a plumber, and your budget is $500. When you say in advance you have $500 for fixing the plumb (with a hope that the plumber will not ask for more money), but sometimes he just asks for $300. You have said to him that you are ready to pay him $500, so he has no reason to ask for less. When saying in advance, you have already told the other side much important information (your highest price), and they will take advantage of it to earn as much money from you as possible.

3 - Stop talking and start listening.

One of the most vital elements in the negotiation of renting an apartment for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi is keeping your mouth silent. Unluckily, this is the most difficult element. Many people often feel uncomfortable when being made to keep silent in negotiation. If you do not feel pleasant, it is quite sure that the other is the same as you. Generally, one side will give in to break this annoying silence.
When you are negotiating and the other gives out a request, just be a little silent. Despite 10 seconds or 10 minutes, let the other breaks that silence. You may be surprised to see how they decipher your silence whether it is anger or despair, and they will break the silence by reviewing the requests or giving in. Specialists in negotiating will use this trick upon the inexperienced in order to gain better offers without giving out their offers. This may be a basic but the most effective negotiation art that you should apply.

4 - The importance of information.

It is estimated that in 95% all negotiations of apartments for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi between renters and landlords, the one who holds more information is more important (in terms of negotiation) and has better results. When negotiating, it will be much better if you know more about your landlord.
Almost everyone assumes that negotiation relates to money, but sometimes it isn’t. some specialists in negotiation realize that in many cases, solving problems is more important than getting money and it can shorten waiting time. 

For examples, 2 people want to rent an apartment in Tay Ho Hanoi with US$ 2000 per month. the first person thought that the landlord agreed with the price he offered was the biggest strength, so he did not negotiate and accepted the price the landlord offered which was US$ 2000 per month. However, he needed 1 week to pay the deposit as well as he could just pay in advance 2 months for each period and move here after a month when he left the deposit.

The second one asked if the landlord could negotiate with him about the rental price because they might have a long-term contract and he could move here as quickly as possible. Besides, the landlord told that he was ready to negotiate if the renter agreed to rent and move in early because he was going to work abroad, and he wanted to have his apartment rented before his long-term work. The second person offered US$ 1850 per month for a 02 years contract, prepay 06 months price for each period, and he could leave deposit tomorrow and move in at the end of next week as well.
As a result, although the first renter met exactly the landlord’s demand, generally, the landlord would agree to have his apartment rented by the second one because he could solve the problem that the landlord had to face before traveling abroad. this is due to the fact that he got to know well the landlord’s information before he offered the negotiation.

5 - Always giving in at the last moment:

A negotiation expert always knows how to make the partners do whatever he wants without letting them realizes. This is applied to the one who has many negotiation times: always make sure that you are the proponent to give out your final give-in level (the give-in level is the condition that the other side offers in the negotiation such as decreasing price or providing better choice, …). By giving offers and the last yielding, the partner will stop asking for more when they achieve what they want in the negotiation.
If the other side realizes that when he asks for more, he will have to give something. Gradually, he will feel reluctant when demanding more because of being afraid of losing one important thing (not necessary)
For instance, when negotiating with a fastidious landlord, if he gave the last price that both sides agreed, instead of saying: “I agree to this price, we get a deal”, just say” I agree to this price if you can buy me something to decorate my apartment”. The landlord might say: “I don’t want to buy anything else, you just buy yourself”, you can reply: “Alright, so I need you to decrease my rental price $50 per month”.
If the landlord feels reluctant or puts off your offer, go on negotiating. Finally, you will orient the landlord to yours. He also realizes that the more he offers, the more he will lose. Obviously, this is beneficial to you in many other negotiation times with another side.

6 - Applying a fine for each negotiation time:

You are very pleasant when having a favorite apartment for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi and you’ve lived there for a time. You don’t want to move to another place because you can walk to work, or your apartment has a great view from Tay ho or it has a large balcony where you can relax or spend time reading books every week. However, a problem arises when there is a work in progress which is 30 meters far away from your apartment. Dust, as well as noise pollution, affects you, and you start negotiating with your landlord on the phone in terms of how contamination and noise from the work effect on you, and you want him to incline the rental price with $300 per month until the work completes. Then you realize that every time you ask for a less rental price, the landlord says that he needs more time to consider and forces you to wait for a week to give you his answer.
You know for sure that actually, it does not take him a week to decrease the price to $300. Nevertheless, he knows that if you want to decrease $300 then wait for a week, and he comes back with a $150- decreasing offer, you almost agree and don’t have more negotiation because if you do, you have to wait for one more week. What he does is applying a fine for each time you offer. When waiting, you can do nothing but a hope that the landlord will decrease the rental price up to your expectation.
If you want to reduce the times your partner offers giving-in in the negotiation, do the same thing- apply a fine for each time he offers (without letting him know your purpose). The fines can be different, depending on each offer.
Letting them wait (in that example) is one typical case. You can say “ I have to think more about this, I will call you back at weekend and we can discuss more “. Besides, the fine can be making them fill in a list of different forms to get a deal, or else they have to go somewhere else to get what they want.
If you apply the fine as they ask for more than they need before, they may consider whether it deserves or not. This is the same as waiting for a week.

7 - The debate is a companion.

Generally, the debate about the negotiation of an apartment for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi coming to an end quickly and smoothly is a good thing, but it isn’t always that good.
Can you remember the last time negotiating with a landlord of an apartment in Tay Ho and he quickly agreed your offer without opposing? How did you feel? If you are like the major, you may think that you did not get the best deal and whether the apartment you have just rented has any problems? You might feel that because your partner did not oppose, they seemed to be very pleased with the deal, so you may not feel comfortable. 
However, in general, the other side also has the same feeling. Not having too many discussions will make both sides feel that the other gets benefits. Therefore, you will realize after a quick and smooth negotiation, 1 or 2 sides want to have a negotiation again. Hence, if you really want to make sure that the other will not want to negotiate again, debate positively to come up to a mutual deal, which will leave the other a sense of success and pleasure. That is really important in the discussion when renting a good apartment as the other side often has some days (even a whole week) to ask for a negotiation again.

8 - Paying attention to the landlord’s personality:

In general, we assume that the other side is seeking a visible result in the negotiation such as a long-term renting, higher rental price or that the renter is a family who works in Vietnam. However, some people often care more about the personality of the landlord than visible results. While there are many mean landlords who ask for each penny more in the contract, there are a lot of landlords who are ready to decrease rental price if you know how to satisfy them.
In renting negotiation, it means praising the landlord’s prestige. You can say: his apartment is really beautiful, the furniture is well-organized, or he is a generous person, … and you will be surprised by the advantage of those sincere compliments. This helps to make your landlord happy, and surely he will decrease the price for you.

9 - Listing some drawbacks of the apartment

One of the effective ways supporting your negotiation of an apartment for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi is to give out some drawbacks of the apartment. You should only apply this case when you have already rented the apartment for a period of time, and you want to decrease price or lengthen the contract.
For example, you have found out many drawbacks of the apartment you are renting such as no elevator, being near the work zones, having noisy neighbors or cock-crow every morning, … which make you uncomfortable. All things above is out of the landlord’s control, and he is worried about that you will end the contract, then it will take him a long time to find a new renter, ... perhaps you can have the rental price decreased after lengthening the contract.

10 - Giving an offer that benefits both sides:

The negotiation that brings benefits to both sides is considered the best approach. You just imagine that when you found an apartment for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi, and you want the landlord to meet your demand, of course, he also has some requests for you.
For examples, you find out an apartment which is suitable for your budget and its location is convenient for you to go to work. However, the amenity of that apartment is very basic while you don’t want to spend your money decorating it. The simplest way is that you should agree with some requests of the landlord, and you offer your own demands namely buying things to facilitate your accommodation. This is regarded as the most sustainable method.


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